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VS Tree Services

A crew of passionate arborists you can rely on.

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It’s incredible to have a group of passionate people working together that live and breathe trees.

Ask any crew member what the ideal vacation is and they will answer; climbing Canada’s tallest tree.

It isn’t a job for us, it’s a lifestyle.

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Meet The Team

What makes a dream team? We believe it is a group of professionals who have a common goal and strive everyday to achieve it.

We have a dream team.

“Can’t recommend them enough…they were prompt, kept me fully in the loop the entire process, went above and beyond to be helpful and they even cleaned up the entire area, with no hidden costs or expenses when they were finished the work.”

Colleen McIntosh★★★★★ Google Review
Manager of Tree Services

Scott Taylor

Scott has spent the entirety of his career honing the skills it takes to be a master arborist. Highly proficient in all levels of pruning and removals from climbing to emergency crane lifts.

The team has flourished and gained invaluable training under his leadership.

ISA Certified Arborist

Joel Sabourin

As an ISA Certified Arborist, Joel brings a calm confidence and professionalism.

He specializes in the latest methods of tree care and is truly an expert when it comes to all aspects of the tree service industry.

Certified Arborist

Jake Lessard

Earning his certification in 2020 from Algonquin College, Jake has turned his passion for the tree industry into a full time career. He lives for the thrill and challenge of taking on the biggest and baddest trees out there with the skill and calmness to do it safely.

In this high risk and at times stressful industry, his upbeat personality and positive attitude are a huge benefit to the team.


Chelsie Woods

There is one perfect word for describing Chelsie; badass. A mother of two and as fearless as they come. With 5 years of ground experience she knows her way around rigging and keeps things organized and moving for the arborists.

Since joining the VS team she has pushed herself to learn new techniques and further her knowledge of the industry. She had this to say about the team. “I’ve found a place I belong. A place where I am treated with equality and respect.”

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