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Signs It’s Time To Remove Your Trees

When does a tree cross the line from “hanging in there” to “it’s time to go”? Here are some of the top reasons our clients decide to remove a tree on their property.

Encroaching on Your Property

A tree’s roots can be a silent threat. Depending on the species, root systems can expand enough to lift and crack concrete structures. This causes expensive damage to anything from foundation, driveways, sidewalk, and more. A local tree contractor like VS Tree Services can investigate the situation and provide an expert recommendation.

Dead Or Dying Trees

Dead trees or lifeless branches can be a huge concern to surrounding buildings, utility lines, etc. Dead lumber is a threat to roofs, power lines, cars, and even people. If your tree is past the point of saving, then it’s time to call in the tree removal crew.

View Obstruction

Many times people choose a property based on the landscape. We remove trees to make sure you and your loved ones can enjoy the full view and an increased property value. Landscape Improvements: Removing trees can clear the space needed to complete your next outdoor projects.

Rotting Roots or Trunk

It is possible that your tree may have a disease causing its roots, and even possibly its trunk, to rot. Some rot starts from the inside and can result in the quick decline of your tree’s health, pale or wilted leaves, thinning of the canopy and more. If you spot any of these tell-tale signs, it’s time to call up a local tree contactor to get the job done!

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal is often a necessary practice in property maintenance that needs to be done by an experienced tree contractor. Removals can be done to improve appearance, address safety concerns, or simply to achieve increased convenience.

One of the main reasons for removing trees is to address safety concerns. These include dead or dying trees that have become susceptible to toppling due to their decimated root systems. In other cases, tree removal is needed for cosmetic reasons like allowing more light, opening up your view, or making way for new construction projects.

If you’re ready to remove trees, or if you’re concerned about the health of your tree, call VS Tree Services today. Our expert tree services team will diagnose tree diseases and execute removals with minimal impact on your surrounding landscape and vegetation.

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