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Tree Pruning

Pruning is one of the most common and crucial practices for keeping trees, shrubs, and hedges aesthetically pleasing, healthy, and safe.

Pruning consists of several treatments. The first is cleaning and thinning which, beyond improving overall appearance, is necessary for preserving the health of the tree.

The other treatments are raising and reducing. These may be necessary for eliminating barriers, maintaining pedestrian safety, and achieving utility line clearance. Pruning can be done during any stage of the tree’s life cycle from newly planted saplings to mature trees.

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How The Professionals Prune

As professionals, you can expect VS Tree Services to provide nothing short of the best pruning in the industry. 

Our treatments include the following:


Cleaning is the removal of dead, dying, weak and diseased branches to prevent rot in growing and mature trees.


Thinning is the strategic removal of branches to enhance shape, remove unnecessary weight, allow light penetration, and increase airflow.


Raising is removal of any lower branches that are barriers for cars, people, buildings, etc.


Reduction decreases tree size and is often needed in cities, especially for utility line clearance. We trim back the tree while preserving its form and structural integrity.

Other Divisions

Tree Services is not all what we do. We offer a wide range of outdoor services.

Landscape Construction

Bringing your landscape designs to the real world.

Sprinkler Systems and Service

Installing new fully automated systems and maintaining existing irrigation systems.

Luxury Landscape Designs

Designs to fit your style and use. Let's work together to create something beautiful. 

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